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Atlantic National Trust is one of the most effective loan servicing groups in the business. Atlantic specializes in acquiring assets backed by commercial real estate and developing creative business strategies to maximize each asset's value. Atlantic's business continues to evolve as it takes on projects throughout the country. Atlantic has acquired over $1 Billion in asset backed debt and currently has over $100 Million in its core debt portfolio. Over the past 20 years, Atlantic has refined it’s Due Diligence processes and banking relationships, allowing the company to purchase loan pools and hold them as long term investments. As a result, Atlantic is highly profitable, has a low debt to asset ratio, and a strong balance sheet. Atlantic is patient and disciplined in its acquisitions, and therefore ready to take advantage of market conditions as they present themselves. The excellent team at Atlantic takes pride in their fast-paced and professional environment, their top-notch employees, and the high quality work they produce.


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Address: 50 Portland Pier
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50 Portland Pier (all 3 floors & associated parking) is owned by Ted West.